Ryan Schwabe


Mal Blum - PITY BOY LP

Mastering, 2019Ryan SchwabeComment
  • Recorded By Joe Reinhart

  • Mixed By Joe Reinhart

  • Mastered By Ryan Schwabe

  • Released: 2019

  • Record Label: Don Giovanni Records

The upbeat, punk-pop power chords and infectious lyrics are accompanied appropriately by a karaoke-style video. Along with the neon pink and blue text stretching across the screen with every line, a montage of clips shows people dancing and singing into the camera to “Things Still Left To Say.” In the background, Blum is laid out in a plant-filled living room, feeding lettuce to a turtle. Vibrant and liberating in all it’s awkward glory, what shines through is Blum’s signature, self-effacing honesty.
— NPR.com

Yurufuwa Gang & Ryan Hemsworth - Circus Circus

Mastering, Stem, Mixing, 2019Ryan Schwabe
  • Artist: Yurufuwa Gang & Ryan Hemsworth

  • Produced By Ryan Hemsworth

  • Stem Mastering By Ryan Schwabe

  • Released: 2019

  • Record Label: Shh Secret Songs

This song heavily contrasts their first single by providing a pallet of colours that isn’t just green. The contrast once again not only puts Hemsworth’s versatility on display, but shows that any sound is possible on the upcoming CIRCUS CIRCUS tape.
Read more at https://earmilk.com/2019/03/27/ryan-hemsworth-yurufuwa-gang-roll-out-shining-to-announce-upcoming-ep/#1cGABufqvxaTYXhz.99
— Earmilk

Mark Redito - ɳҽυƚɾσριƈαʅ

Mastering, 2019, StemRyan Schwabe
  • Artist: Mark Redito

  • Mixed By Mark Redito

  • Stem Mastering By Ryan Schwabe

  • Released: 2019

  • Record Label: N/A -

Redito splashes copious amounts of colour all around the mix in ‘Break Silence’ through the utilisation of tropical influence, particularly in the use of steel drums, that combines with the penetrating drums that sets the penetrating backbone for the delicate vocals of Shel Bee to add a shade of lightness to this powerful offering.
— acidstag.com

Radiator Hospital - Music For Dreaming

Mastering, 2019Ryan Schwabe
  • Artist: Radiator Hospital

  • Mixed By Jeff Zeigler

  • Mastering By Ryan Schwabe

  • Released: 2019

  • Record Label: N/A -

The Adam Peditto-directed music video for the album’s first single, “Weird Little Idea,” bears this out, as a multitude of Cook-Parrotts play everything in a church. “I don’t wanna feel so bad/ But I know I’m being had/ It’s just something we go through,” Cook-Parrott sings on this one, his warm melodies breaking through a heavier clomp of noise than is typical for the group.
— Steregum