Ryan Schwabe


Mark Redito - ɳҽυƚɾσριƈαʅ

Mastering, 2019, StemRyan Schwabe
  • Artist: Mark Redito

  • Mixed By Mark Redito

  • Stem Mastering By Ryan Schwabe

  • Released: 2019

  • Record Label: N/A -

Redito splashes copious amounts of colour all around the mix in ‘Break Silence’ through the utilisation of tropical influence, particularly in the use of steel drums, that combines with the penetrating drums that sets the penetrating backbone for the delicate vocals of Shel Bee to add a shade of lightness to this powerful offering.
— acidstag.com

Yurufuwa Gang & Ryan Hemsworth - Circus Circus

Mastering, Stem, Mixing, 2019Ryan Schwabe
  • Artist: Ryan Yurufuwa Gang & Ryan Hemsworth

  • Produced By Ryan Hemsworth

  • Stem Mastering By Ryan Schwabe

  • Released: 2019

  • Record Label: Shh Secret Songs

This song heavily contrasts their first single by providing a pallet of colours that isn’t just green. The contrast once again not only puts Hemsworth’s versatility on display, but shows that any sound is possible on the upcoming CIRCUS CIRCUS tape.
Read more at https://earmilk.com/2019/03/27/ryan-hemsworth-yurufuwa-gang-roll-out-shining-to-announce-upcoming-ep/#1cGABufqvxaTYXhz.99
— Earmilk

Hop Along - Bark Your Head Off, Dog

Mastering, Mixing, Stem, 2018Ryan SchwabeComment

  • Recorded By Joe Reinhart, Kyle Pulley

  • Mixed By Ryan Schwabe

  • Mastered By Ryan Schwabe

  • Produced By Hop Along

  • Album Title: Bark Your Head Off, Dog

  • Released: April 6th, 2018

  • Record Label: Saddle Creek Records

Rolling Stone “50 Best Albums of 2018”

Opening on a crystalline clean-tone electric guitar strummed at a fervent clip, we hear confident lyrical declarations of “advancing up this road” set to brisk drums and nuanced guitar leads, followed by a resolve not to fall prey to insecurities or distractions.
— NPR.com

Ryan Hemsworth - Elsewhere

Mastering, Stem, 2018, MixingRyan Schwabe

  • Artist: Ryan Hemsworth

  • Produced By Ryan Hemsworth

  • Stem Mastering By Ryan Schwabe

  • Released: 2018

  • Record Label: Last Gang & Shh Secret Songs

Released via his own Last Gang imprint Secret Songs, his latest album features a smorgasbord of vocalists recruited to bring to life his most accessible beats yet. Trading his DIY atmospheres and general idiosyncrasy for the cleaner, more popular sounds of R&B and world music, the producer crafts a collection of songs that, while surprisingly cohesive, fall short of his previous material.
— Exclaim.ca
Screen Shot 2018-09-21 at 9.01.57 AM.png

Ryan Hemsworth - Thinking About U (Feat. Joji)

Mastering, Stem, 2018, MixingRyan Schwabe

  • Artist: Ryan Hemsworth & Joji

  • Produced By Ryan Hemsworth

  • Stem Mastering and Vocal Mix By Ryan Schwabe

  • Released: 2018

  • Record Label: Last Gang & Shh Secret Songs

Canadian hitmaker Ryan Hemsworth is back with a new single called “Think About U.” Featuring 88Rising member Joji, the track comes from Hemsworth’s upcoming album Elsewhere, which arrives September 21 via Secret Songs/eOne.
— Spin.com
Screen Shot 2018-08-10 at 9.37.23 AM.png

Mark Redito - Everything Felt Right

Mastering, Stem, 2018Ryan Schwabe

  • Artist: Mark Redito

  • Produced By Mark Redito

  • Stem Mastering By Ryan Schwabe

  • Released: 2018

  • Record Label: N/A

Infectiously groovy, Mark showcases his other array of talents to create a truly unique sound; near the end of the track, the sounds of a flute can be heard, wrapping up the song in an uplifting, happy melody in sync with the sounds of what appears to be water dripping.
— Earmilk.com

Ukiyo - Go (feat. Chymes)

Mastering, 2018, StemRyan SchwabeComment

Artist: Ukiyo
Album: N/A
Mixed By: Ukiyo
Stem Mastered By: Ryan Schwabe
Released: 2018
Record Label: Bear & Owl

The soul-soothing electro track featuring breathtakingly sweet vocals from Chymes is accompanied by equally stunning visuals, a kaleidoscopic amalgamation of dizzying drone footage of the icy Austrian Alps.
— musicfeeds.com.au


2017, Mastering, StemRyan Schwabe

Artist: Smidley
Album: Smidley
Recorded & Mixed By: Joe Reinhart
Stem Mastered By: Ryan Schwabe
Released: June, 2nd 2017
Record Label: Triple Crown

“No One Likes You,” “Fuck This,” “Dead Retrievers,” “Hell,” and “Power Word Kill” are bright, driving songs that really rock and have a dose of artiness too. Made with Cameron Boucher (Sorority Noise), Eric Slick (Dr Dog, Lithuania), Ben Walsh (Tigers Jaw), and producer Joe Reinhart (of Hop Along), Conor has just the right group of friends to help him deliver these songs with the punch they deserve.
— BrooklynVegan.com

Moon Bounce - Clean House

2017, Mastering, Mixing, StemRyan Schwabe

Artist: Moon Bounce
Mixed By: Ryan Schwabe and Corey Regensburg
Stem Mastered By: Ryan Schwabe
Released: March 10, 2017
Record Label: Grind Select



Moon Bounce is Philadelphia’s mutant pop pioneer, Corey Regensburg. Walking the fine line between creation and disintegration, his output combines soulful vocals, bombastic percussion and explosive synthesis; obsessed with groove, yet on the verge of falling apart.
— Terrorbird.com