Ryan Schwabe

Museyroom - Pearly Whites

2016, MasteringRyan SchwabeComment

  • Mastered By Ryan Schwabe
  • Artist: Museyroom
  • Album Title: Pearly Whites
  • Released: July 2016
  • Recording Format: 24 bit, 44.1
  • Record Label: Grind Select
  • Philadelphia Music
Museyroom, the self-proclaimed pioneers of “future nostalgia,” are set to put out their self-titled debut LP in early 2016, six full years since their last release. The Brooklyn- and Philadelphia-based indie-pop three-piece have shared “Ballad,” a raid on transcendently dreamy soundscapes that knit together subtle psych-pop with ambient electronic influences. Fuzzed-out harmonies combine together in a sound climax, balanced with stuttering drums and deep bass that swell and burst into a tripped-out, wonderfully weird crescendo. “Ballad” sounds like a multitude of eccentric genres melding into one, an epic and dreamy experiment that demonstrates the mad wizardry of Museyroom. Listen below.
— Stereogum