Ryan Schwabe

Ryan Schwabe

Mal Blum - PITY BOY LP

Mastering, 2019Ryan SchwabeComment
  • Recorded By Joe Reinhart

  • Mixed By Joe Reinhart

  • Mastered By Ryan Schwabe

  • Released: 2019

  • Record Label: Don Giovanni Records

The upbeat, punk-pop power chords and infectious lyrics are accompanied appropriately by a karaoke-style video. Along with the neon pink and blue text stretching across the screen with every line, a montage of clips shows people dancing and singing into the camera to “Things Still Left To Say.” In the background, Blum is laid out in a plant-filled living room, feeding lettuce to a turtle. Vibrant and liberating in all it’s awkward glory, what shines through is Blum’s signature, self-effacing honesty.
— NPR.com

Big Nothing - Chris

Mastering, 2019Ryan Schwabe

  • Artist: Big Nothing

  • Mixed By Chris Baglivo and Evan Bernard at big Mommas

  • Mastering By Ryan Schwabe

  • Released: 2019

The song glides along on a bed of plush guitar chime, erupts briefly during its surging chorus and even features a brief, clammy bass solo (by way of member Liz Parsons) that brings to mind any number of Clinton-era Lollapalooza tours. You almost expect Sunny Day Real Estate, Superchunk or the Promise Ring to show up when the song finishes.
— Rolling Stone

Blood Cultures - Flowers for All Occasions

Mastering, 2019Ryan SchwabeComment

  • Mixed By Justin Gerrish

  • Mastered By Ryan Schwabe

  • Released: 2019

  • Record Label: N/A

Following up to their Halloween single “Dunk on Me”, the otherwordly and unpredictable “Flowers For All Occasions” combines dance pop immediacy, dreamy soundscapes and lo-fi aesthetic. Loaded with fuzzy effects, it somehow recreates the interferences of old televisions and conveys all the flamboyance of the 90s. If like us you’re sometimes nostalgic of this era, you certainly don’t want to miss this tune.
— Highclouds.com

Ryan Hemsworth - Elsewhere

Mastering, Stem, 2018, MixingRyan Schwabe

  • Artist: Ryan Hemsworth

  • Produced By Ryan Hemsworth

  • Stem Mastering By Ryan Schwabe

  • Released: 2018

  • Record Label: Last Gang & Shh Secret Songs

Released via his own Last Gang imprint Secret Songs, his latest album features a smorgasbord of vocalists recruited to bring to life his most accessible beats yet. Trading his DIY atmospheres and general idiosyncrasy for the cleaner, more popular sounds of R&B and world music, the producer crafts a collection of songs that, while surprisingly cohesive, fall short of his previous material.
— Exclaim.ca
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