Ryan Schwabe

Ross Brazuk

Snowing - Pump Fake / Scherbatsky

Mastering, 2012Ryan SchwabeComment

Side A, a remastered version of ‘Pump Fake’ from 2009’s Fuck Your Emotional Bullshit, is an effective improvement on an already unparalleled track. The enhanced production bring the guitars to their full-noodle potential, and some more seasoned vocals from Galm make the track that much more of a treat. Even from the grave, Snowing managed to improve upon something they had already mastered in the past, a reinforcing notion in the wake of their departure.
— Sputnikmusic.com

Snowing - I Could Do Whatever I Wanted If I Wanted

Mastering, 2010Ryan SchwabeComment

An immediate aspect of the record is that it’s blatantly personal, a musical equivalent to spilling one’s guts out while intoxicated.
— sputnikmusic.com