Ryan Schwabe


Snowing - Pump Fake / Scherbatsky

Mastering, 2012Ryan SchwabeComment

Side A, a remastered version of ‘Pump Fake’ from 2009’s Fuck Your Emotional Bullshit, is an effective improvement on an already unparalleled track. The enhanced production bring the guitars to their full-noodle potential, and some more seasoned vocals from Galm make the track that much more of a treat. Even from the grave, Snowing managed to improve upon something they had already mastered in the past, a reinforcing notion in the wake of their departure.
— Sputnikmusic.com

Hop Along - Get Disowned

2012, MasteringRyan SchwabeComment

This album came as a complete and total surprise to me. Having never heard of them prior to a friend’s constant raving that this is the best album of the past 10 years, I decided that I should give Get Disowned a spin. While I can’t say that this is the best album of the past 10 years, it certainly is the best thing that I have heard in 2012, and I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if it ended up topping my end of the year list.
— Punknews.org

Cheers Elephant - Like The Wind Blows Fire

2012, MasteringRyan SchwabeComment

This Philadelphia quartet arrives with an album that is pleasantly crafted, well written, and memorable. With a dash of British Invasion here, nods to contemporaries such as Real Estate and Girls there, and a general waft of high pop sensibilities, Cheers Elephant impresses most when its three part harmonies are shining and shimmering and when its sense of humor comes to the fore.
— Popmatters.com

W.C. Lindsay - Hard Youth, Hardly You

2012, MasteringRyan SchwabeComment

W. C. Lindsay is not what I was expecting when I started to listen to their album Hard Youth, Hardly You, released earlier this year. I guess my idea of electro-pop was off a smidge. But halfway through the first track ‘Folklore and Tall Tales’ I found myself bopping along and eventually dancing like a nerd in my seat. Thank God no one was around to see.
— AudioArsenalMagazine.com

Curt Chambers - One Way Ticket

2012, MasteringRyan SchwabeComment
  • Recorded By Ivan Barias
  • Mixed By Ivan Barias
  • Mastered By Ryan Schwabe
  • Artist: Curt Chambers
  • Album Title: One Way Ticket
  • Released: 2012
  • Recording Format: 24 bit, 44.1
  • Record Label: 
On this newly-released effort, Ivan Barias provides a thumping, rock-infused instrumental to back the Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter as he likens falling deeply in love to a Out of Body experience. At the record’s climax, he busts out his guitar to demonstrate the skills that earned him a spot in Em‘s Recovery Tour backing band. Read more at: https://tr.im/AiHXw
— DJbooth.net