Ryan Schwabe

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Selected Equipment List


Kii Audio Three & Kii Control

Trinnov Audio STB-2

Yamaha NS-10

Fostex 6301-B

Custom Mix x Master Monitor Switcher

TC Electronic Clarity M Metering and Signal Analysis


Cranesong HEDD Quantum ADDA converter and digital processor

Lavry Blue ADDA

Avid 192


Bettermaker Mastering Equalizer - Parametric and pullet style equalizer

Hendyamps Michelangelo - Tube mastering equalizer (custom built)

TK Audio S-Blender - Parallel processing mastering mixer

Dangerous Audio BAX - Baxendall style shelving equalizer and HP/LP filters

Chandeler LTD-1 - Stereo mic preamps and equalizers

Langevin Dual microphone preamp and shelving equalizer

Electrodyne 511 - Inductor Style EQ


Bettermaker Mastering Limiter

Maselec MDS-2 - High Frequency Limiter

Dangerous Audio Compressor

Pendulum Audio PL2 - Mastering Limiter

Alan Smart C2 - SSL style compression with custom key filters and sliding threshold modification

Empirical Labs UBK FATSO - With the UBK Audio modification and key input filters

Anamod AM660 - Fairchild style compressor / limiter (stereo)

Buzz Audio Essence - Stereo optical compressor


Bricasti M7 - Reverb

Roland Space Echo - 301 - quarter inch tape delay

DIC Echo Machine EM-2000 - Half-inch tape delay

Demeter Amplification Real Reverb - Spring Reverb

(2) UAD octo, (1) UAD quad

Pedals - Electro-Harmonix Memory Man, Small Stone, Worm, Big Muff, Holy Grail, Q-Tron, SansAmp

Computers & Software

(2) Mac Pro 5,1

Pro Tools HD, Ableton, Logic,

Acustica, Plugin Alliance, Waves, UAD, Fabfilter, DMG, Eventide, Softube, Soundtoys, Oxford, UBK, Sly-Fi, iZotope, Antares, Eventide, Weiss, Vocalign, Slate, Batch Commander