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Every recording is unique and requires a distinct approach.  After listening to your song I will create a processing chain that best serves your mix.  Some mixes sound impressive before mastering and only require transparent processing and calibration for distribution services.  Others may be mixed in compromised acoustic environments and require more aggressive tonal shaping.  I use a carefully selected combination of tube, solid state and digital signal processors to maximize clarity, depth, precision and detail in your music. You paint the picture and I help you put a frame on it.  

All processing takes place at 32-bit float, 96kHz sampling rate for the highest audio quality possible. 

Sending Files:

If you need vinyl or alternate version (Instrumentals, radio edits etc.) masters, please let me know when sending the files.

Send 24-bit, or 32-bit (float) stereo wav files at the sample rate of the original recording session.  Higher sample rates are better, but please do not up-sample your mixes before sending the files.  

Please send wav files, song order and information about how you will release your record.  (i.e. label, digital aggregator, soundcloud / bandcamp and/or vinyl)

Please send the files via wetransfer.com by clicking on the below photo.

Turn Around:

Masters take 3-5 business days from when the mix is sent.  If you need something faster, just ask. 



I sequence albums in a way that feels natural from track to track, in any order.  If you have specific sequencing requests let me know.  If your album sequencing is complex you can create a mock sequence and submit a long MP3 as a sequencing reference.

I do not suggest having songs crossfade into one another since many consumers listen to music in shuffle.  Crossfading songs can often lead to awkward track markers with cymbal or chord tails fading out at the start of a song.  It can work very well for vinyl releases, but it is hit and miss for digital releases.


My goal is to get your album 100% perfect on the first version that I send to you.  In the situation that I do not get it right on the first version, I am more than happy to make changes to my masters for free.  Your masters need to be 100% perfect and I am not happy until you are.  However, if you would like to make changes to your mix after i have mastered it, I have to charge $20 per new mix.  I dislike doing this, but since the majority of my processing is performed with analog equipment recalling settings is time consuming.  If you would like mix notes before mastering, just email me and I can send you some comments on the mixes.  

Stereo Mastering                                                    $70 / song

Alternate Mixes (Instrumental etc.)                       +$10 / song

Remastering a new mix                                         $20 / mix

Stem Mastering (6 Stems)                                      $150 / song

DDP Authoring                                                       $40

Mixing rates upon request                                    -


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