Ryan Schwabe


Every recording is unique and requires a distinct mastering approach.  Some mixes only require clean & transparent processing while others may require a more aggressive tonal shaping.  I use a carefully selected combination of tube, solid state and digital signal processors to maximize clarity, depth and detail in your music. You paint the picture and I put a frame on it.  

Sending Files:

Send 24-bit, or 32-bit (float) stereo wav files at the sample rate of the original recording session.  Higher sample rates are better, but please do not up-sample your mixes before sending the files.  

Please send the files to the below Dropbox file request link.

Turn Around:

Masters take 3-5 days from when the mix is sent.  If you need something faster, just ask. 


I sequence albums in a way that feels natural from track to track, in any order.  If you have specific sequencing requests let me know.  If your album sequencing is complex you can create a mock sequence and submit a long MP3 as a reference.


My goal is to get your album 100% perfect on the first version that I send to you.  I will often master your project 3-4 times before I return it to you in order to get a perfect balance between the group of songs.  If I do not get it right on the first version that I send to you I am more than happy to make changes to my masters for free.  Your record needs to be 100% perfect and I am committed to working with you until that is realized.  If you would like mix notes before mastering, just email me and I can send you notes.  


You will receive two different masters in three file formats for each song that you submit.  

Digital Release Masters: 96k_24b Hi-Rez - MfiT Certified (Mastered for iTunes)

Digital Release Masters: 44.1k_16b - Standard Digital 

Lower Level Vinyl Release Masters: 96k_24b Hi-Rez - 4 dB lower than the digital masters.

Rates & Payment:

Stereo Mastering                                                    $70 / song

Alternate Mixes (Instrumental etc.)                       +$10 / song

Remastering a new mix                                         $20 / mix

Stem Mastering (6 Stems)                                      $150 / song

DDP Authoring                                                       $40

Mixing                                                                     $750 / song


Credit Card:               www.RyanSchwabe.com/pay

Paypal:                       RyanSchwabe@gmail.com

Venmo:                      @RyanSchwabe