Ryan Schwabe


Mal Blum - PITY BOY LP

Mastering, 2019Ryan SchwabeComment
  • Recorded By Joe Reinhart

  • Mixed By Joe Reinhart

  • Mastered By Ryan Schwabe

  • Released: 2019

  • Record Label: Don Giovanni Records

The upbeat, punk-pop power chords and infectious lyrics are accompanied appropriately by a karaoke-style video. Along with the neon pink and blue text stretching across the screen with every line, a montage of clips shows people dancing and singing into the camera to “Things Still Left To Say.” In the background, Blum is laid out in a plant-filled living room, feeding lettuce to a turtle. Vibrant and liberating in all it’s awkward glory, what shines through is Blum’s signature, self-effacing honesty.
— NPR.com

Three Man Cannon - Self Titled

Mastering, 2018Ryan SchwabeComment

Somewhere between the languorous, dreamy guitar and impeccable percussion is the haunting realization that injustices detailed in the sound. the fury.
— thepreludepress.com


2017, Mastering, StemRyan Schwabe

Artist: Smidley
Album: Smidley
Recorded & Mixed By: Joe Reinhart
Stem Mastered By: Ryan Schwabe
Released: June, 2nd 2017
Record Label: Triple Crown

“No One Likes You,” “Fuck This,” “Dead Retrievers,” “Hell,” and “Power Word Kill” are bright, driving songs that really rock and have a dose of artiness too. Made with Cameron Boucher (Sorority Noise), Eric Slick (Dr Dog, Lithuania), Ben Walsh (Tigers Jaw), and producer Joe Reinhart (of Hop Along), Conor has just the right group of friends to help him deliver these songs with the punch they deserve.
— BrooklynVegan.com

Museyroom - Sleight of Hand

Mastering, 2017Ryan SchwabeComment

Eclectic and vibrant, Museyroom continue to straddle the line between retro and futuristic, blending lush harmonies and classic Beatles-era psych pop with layered nuances and intricate melodies that stray closer to a perpetually sunny version of Stereolab or Olivia Tremor Control. Songs like “Manlike Boy” and “Grass Is Greener” are prime examples of past and present colliding, two songs that feel as though you’ve known them forever, reshaped into something once again exotic, the idea of “future pop” in its most natural state.
— Posttrash.com

Modern Baseball - Holy Ghost

2016, MasteringRyan SchwabeComment

Artist: Modern Baseball
Album: Holy Ghost
Recorded By: Joe Reinhart 
Mixed By: Jonathan Low
Mastered By: Ryan Schwabe
Produced By: Joe Reinhart 
Record Label: Run For Cover
Philadelphia Music

with zero pretense and almost too much heart, the band has created an intimate, largely D.I.Y. world (and gained an obsessive following) that feels fresh and vital, even within a genre that crested more than a decade ago and has largely resisted sonic evolution.
— The New York Times

Carroll - As Far As Gardens Go

2016, MasteringRyan SchwabeComment

  • Produced & Recorded By Carroll
  • Mixed By Jonathan Low
  • Mastered By Ryan Schwabe 
  • Artist: Carroll
  • Released: November 11th, 2016
  • Record Label: Shattered Orb
  • Philadelphia Music
“Red Giant” is a standout on this record, and a personal favorite, charging through an intimate look into what must be a longing for elsewhere. Carroll even details As Far As Gardens Go was recorded “everywhere but home”.

Facer - Press

2016, Mastering, MixingRyan SchwabeComment
  • Mixed By:  Ryan Schwabe 
  • Mastered By Ryan Schwabe 
  • Produced By Facer, Ben Pramuk, Dutchboy, Noah Breakfast
  • Artist: Facer
  • Album Title: Rare MP3s #33
  • Released: 2016
  • Record Label: Rare MP3s
The track is a hazy, subdued electronic number that features co-production help from a host of next-gen producers, including Heaven in Stereo, Dutchboy, and Noah Breakfast, and, like on most of their work, on “Press”, Facer and friends offer a glimpse into the future. So press play, and revel in the sounds.
— HillyDilly.com

Moon Bounce - 0% Angel

2016, Mastering, MixingRyan SchwabeComment
  • Mixed By Ryan Schwabe 
  • Mastered By Ryan Schwabe 
  • Artist: Moon Bounce
  • Song Title: Wingman
  • Released: November 11th, 2016
  • Record Label: Heroic Recordings
  • Philadelphia Music
Today we bring you a sonic treat from Philadelphia based Moon Bounce via EDMTunes favorite Heroic Recordings. We found this record particularly special based on its overall quirkiness and combination of hazy indie pop vocal chops, clever percussion choices, a hypnotizing melody and future bass synths.
— EDMTunes.com

Restorations - See/Sea

2016, MasteringRyan SchwabeComment

The Philadelphia five-piece Restorations started out as a postpunk band, but they’ve moved onto vast, surging car-radio rock anthems, with a bit of emo and Replacements remaining in their DNA. We have’t heard much from the band since they released LP3 in 2014. But today, the band returned with two songs, and they have nearly identical titles. “See” and “Sea” make up the two sides of a sort of virtual 7″ single, and they’re both big, satisfying, cathartic guitar-rock bangers.
— Stereogum.com

Dogs On Acid

2015, MasteringRyan SchwabeComment
Most of the tracks on tap feel like light summer anthems. “Flushed” (which should sound familiar after being released on a previous 7”) is a prime example which emerges as a mix of Superchunk and Built To Spill. I like how they wear their influences on their sleeves but still manage to pin things down with their own flavour. They channel a lot of ‘90s college rock into the record a la Archers of Loaf (on “The Prick”) but Reinhart’s production firms up little idiosyncracies brought in from the other parent bands pretty sweetly.
— Punknews.org