Ryan Schwabe

Tunji Ige

Tune Ige - Missed Calls EP

2016, Mastering, MixingRyan SchwabeComment

Artist: Tunji Ige
Album: Missed Calls EP
Recorded By: Ben Pramuk
Mixed By:  Ryan Schwabe , Chris Tabron & Noah Breakfast
Mastered By: Ryan Schwabe
Produced By: Noah Breakfast and Tunji Ige
Released: 2016
Record Label: Atlantic

Tunji Ige is a name you should get used to seeing. As a rapper from Philly, he’s set himself apart from his competitors and collaborators alike by focusing on creating the most artistic facade possible — literally. His image is well-calculated and intentional. The beautifully arresting cover art for his Missed Calls EP, released in April, inspired the video for the project’s standout track, “War.” “The Missed Calls cover was inspired by Magritte & other surrealist artists,” Ige says. “My goal with the ‘War’ video was to make an extension of that — a piece of moving surrealist art.”
— Pitchfork.com

Tunji Ige - Ball Is Life

2015, StemRyan Schwabe

Artist: Tunji Ige
Stem Mastered By: Ryan Schwabe
Released: October 7th, 2015
Record Label: Brain Bandits

Tunji Ige’s The Love Project came out in December of 2014, but it’s still my favorite rap release in 2015, too. Okay, maybe If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late comes close, but Ige is on another level with this tape — and he’s only 19.
— Stereogum.com
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