Ryan Schwabe

Secret Songs

no rome - Seventeen

Stem, 2017Ryan Schwabe

Artist: no rome
Stem Mastered By: Ryan Schwabe
Released: March, 10th 2017
Record Label: Secret Songs

In case you need a song to help you remember the fuzzier moments of your love life, Manila singer No Rome has got you covered. The 22 year old, who’s affiliated with Ryan Hemsworth’s Secret Songs label, might still be young, but on “Seventeen,” he’s already wistful for the romance of his teenage years.
— The Fader

Ryan Hemsworth - How it Felt

2016, Mastering, StemRyan Schwabe1 Comment

At this point, Ryan Hemsworth is a master of sampling—having honed his touch over the past five years with everything from his Juno-award winning Guilt Trips to a remix for Cat Power to off-the-wall DJ mixes (most notably the Jigglypuff-sampling Cool DJ Mix). “How It Felt” may begin with Hemsworth’s signature marimba-esque synth lines and warbling vocal chops, but by the time the bassline arrives, it’s clear that the Canadian DJ/producer has one-upped himself, ushering in one of his most ambitiously nuanced works yet.
— Pitchfork.com

RYAN Playground - Elle

2016, MasteringRyan SchwabeComment
  • Recorded By RYAN Playground
  • Mixed By RYAN Playground
  • Mastered By Ryan Schwabe 
  • Produced By RYAN Playground
  • Artist: Ryan RYAN Playground
  • Album Title: Elle
  • Released: 2016
  • Recording Format: 24 bit, 44.1
  • Record Label: Secret Songs
A drifting soundscape, elle weaves through the mind in no particular order and on no particular schedule. Carefully tossing full-bodied synths and heavy vocals into the air and catching them with meticulously crafted percussion, RYAN carries this body of work so purposefully that it feels completely happenstance. That’s the most striking aspect of the album: it is both crafted and 100% natural at the same time.
— NestHQ.com