Ryan Schwabe

Modern Baseball

Modern Baseball - Holy Ghost

2016, MasteringRyan SchwabeComment

Artist: Modern Baseball
Album: Holy Ghost
Recorded By: Joe Reinhart 
Mixed By: Jonathan Low
Mastered By: Ryan Schwabe
Produced By: Joe Reinhart 
Record Label: Run For Cover
Philadelphia Music

with zero pretense and almost too much heart, the band has created an intimate, largely D.I.Y. world (and gained an obsessive following) that feels fresh and vital, even within a genre that crested more than a decade ago and has largely resisted sonic evolution.
— The New York Times

Modern Baseball - MoBo Presents: The Perfect Cast EP Ft. Modern Baseball

2015, MasteringRyan SchwabeComment

The Perfect Cast sees the band operating at full-speed — it serves as a bridge between the sharp and powerful Sports and You’re Gonna Miss It All, and the more fleshed-out sound that will come on their third full-length, Holy Ghost, due out on Run For Cover next year. Until that comes around, we’ve got six great new tracks to chew on.
— Stereogum.com