Ryan Schwabe

Cold Fronts

Cold Fronts - Fantasy du Jour

Mastering, 2018Ryan SchwabeComment

  • Recorded By Joel Wittenberg 
  • Mixed By Justin Gerrish
  • Mastered By Ryan Schwabe 
  • Produced By Ayad Al Adhamy
  • Released: April 20th, 2018
  • Record Label: Sire Records
Fantasy Du Jour, is out on Friday via Sire. It has classic Cold Fronts rock-out moments like “Stayin’ In,” a rifftastic two-minute jam about getting stoned and ordering Indian food. But there are also moments of greater nuance, depth and maturity – the atmospheric dream-pop tones of “Let The Record Play”; the subdued Big Star-esque fingerpicked acoustic ballads “Lightning Storm” and “Back and Forth”; the uplifting vocal harmonies on “The World For Sale.”
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