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2016, ProductionRyan SchwabeComment

  • Produced By Sam Greens & Maaps
  • Artist: BANKX
  • Released: 2016
In terms of the autotuned, deep-cut vibe, this meets somewhere in the middle of the sound of Travis Scott and Kanye West. At only 18 years old, it seems BANKX has already chosen a lane to ride in sonically, so it’ll be fun to see how he develops using the autotune and his voice as an instrument. We’ll see where he’s at when he hits 19.
— 2DopeBoys.com

Theodore Grams - Reckless (Prod. By Noah Breakfast & Subglo)

Mixing, Mastering, Production, 2015Ryan SchwabeComment
Jump to 2015 and we now have the next chapter in the story: Theodore’s “Reckless” produced by Rare MP3’s Noah Breakfast and Subglo. The synth-driven beat with a xylophone-type melody starts out chill, but the heavy snare percussion give it some hyper-flare.
— CultClassicGoods.com

Onedependent & Taki76 - Radio Recession

Mixing, Production, 2008, PreviousRyan SchwabeComment
They call it, “Old school soulful space funk making love to electronic analog punk jazz;” I would call it a fascinating album full of beats, samples, and original music that would make both Beck and DJ Shadow drool. This is a wonderfully wild and weird album, exploring genres around every corner. From the 70’s slap bass-driven funk of “Moonbooze Knows What Time It Is,” to the fast & jazzy “Walk Among Us (Autonomia)” which features upright bass, piano, horns, cut up drum beats, and is that a ukelele we hear? While most tracks are instrumental, they feature a huge variety of samples from God knows where, amply scratched and manipulated by the DJ, and a few songs feature lead vocals, like the poetic rap of Count Bass D on laid back guitar-driven “ONE (Dependent on None). This is a fun party album, but also rewards the listeners who listen closely.
— CDbaby.com