Ryan Schwabe


Hop Along - Painted Shut

2015, MasteringRyan SchwabeComment

The songs on the second album by the Philadelphia band Hop Along seem to have come whirling out of a fairytale, visceral but ornate, outside reality but still scarred by it. Their energy comes from punk but their style comes from somewhere older and more obscure—a Victorian attic, maybe, or the kind of basement where the band’s singer Frances Quinlan got turned onto punk in the first place.
— Pitchfork.com: 7.9

Son Little - Toes

2015, MixingRyan SchwabeComment
  • Recorded By Aaron Livingston
  • Mixed By Ryan Schwabe 
  • Produced By Son Little
  • Artist: Son Little
  • Album Title: Aa
  • Recording Format: 24 bit, 44.1
  • Record Label: Anti Records
R&B artist Son Little (aka Aaron Livingston) has shared the video for “Toes,” the title track from last year’s debut album. In the video, Livingston plays to a steadily filling club while another version of himself explores the club as a patron. It was directed by Kat Coiro at Bar Lubitsch in Los Angeles, and stars Rhys Coiro (“24,” “Entourage”) and Joe Liaye (“Loiter Squad”).
— Pitchfork.com

Ryan Hemsworth / Lucas - Taking Flight EP

2015, Mastering, StemRyan SchwabeComment

Taking Flight finds Ryan Hemsworth and largely unknown Seattle producer Lucas engaging in a generous give-and-take that plays to each of their strengths. This is warm and unhurried electronic music that’s built for Sunday mornings.
— Pitchfork 7.3

GrandeMarshall - My Brothers Keeper

2015, Mastering, MixingRyan SchwabeComment

Philly’s GrandeMarshall is back with his latest offering My Brother’s Keeper. The Fool’s Gold artist took a couple years off to get his mind right after dropping the impressive 800 in 2012 and Mugga Man in 2013. Both projects established the sound he’s become known for: smooth, boastful raps over buttery beats.
— ComplexMusic.com

Modern Baseball - MoBo Presents: The Perfect Cast EP Ft. Modern Baseball

2015, MasteringRyan SchwabeComment

The Perfect Cast sees the band operating at full-speed — it serves as a bridge between the sharp and powerful Sports and You’re Gonna Miss It All, and the more fleshed-out sound that will come on their third full-length, Holy Ghost, due out on Run For Cover next year. Until that comes around, we’ve got six great new tracks to chew on.
— Stereogum.com


Mixing, Mastering, 2015Ryan SchwabeComment
Philadelphia producer RJD2 has deftly genre-hopped from ominous, instrumental hip-hop to confessional singer-songwriter to psychedelic rock and pop explorer, blending cratedigger-level samples with a bevy of keyboards and other original instrumentation.
— Rolling Stone

Dogs On Acid

2015, MasteringRyan SchwabeComment
Most of the tracks on tap feel like light summer anthems. “Flushed” (which should sound familiar after being released on a previous 7”) is a prime example which emerges as a mix of Superchunk and Built To Spill. I like how they wear their influences on their sleeves but still manage to pin things down with their own flavour. They channel a lot of ‘90s college rock into the record a la Archers of Loaf (on “The Prick”) but Reinhart’s production firms up little idiosyncracies brought in from the other parent bands pretty sweetly.
— Punknews.org

Coldair - The Provider

2015, MasteringRyan SchwabeComment

The vocals are dramatically delivered with a cold softness, and synth lines are dark and distinctively mysterious. The band demonstrates their talent for crafting Depeche Mode style electro rock, with less of the boisterous power of the Gahan/Gore song writing style and more of ashen skepticism. The album follows from track to track as a thick black velvety liquid slowly making its way down a solid white television screen.
— Vandalamagazine.com

Three Man Cannon - Gold or Silver

2015, MasteringRyan SchwabeComment

Gold Or Silver” comes smack-dab in the middle of their new record, and it’s a good jumping off point to get a feel for their cross-section of influences. It’s a knotty, densely-constructed track that evokes some country charm while still relishing in its indie-rock framework.
— Stereogum.com

Tunji Ige - Ball Is Life

2015, StemRyan Schwabe

Artist: Tunji Ige
Stem Mastered By: Ryan Schwabe
Released: October 7th, 2015
Record Label: Brain Bandits

Tunji Ige’s The Love Project came out in December of 2014, but it’s still my favorite rap release in 2015, too. Okay, maybe If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late comes close, but Ige is on another level with this tape — and he’s only 19.
— Stereogum.com
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NAH - Light As Fuck

Mastering, Mixing, 2015, StemRyan SchwabeComment

It probably wouldn’t be right to refer to Light as Fuck as his debut album, but it’s the first release of his to stay 100% true to his uncompromising vision. He says that “everything prior to this album feels like one huge demo,” and upon listening, it’s evident what he means.

This is his tightest sounding project yet, offering a more cohesive narrative that crookedly hammers in all the nails as far as they’ll possibly go. With the exception of a pitch-perfect guest spot from Ho99o9, this album is 100% NAH.
— Pigeons & Planes

Theodore Grams - Reckless (Prod. By Noah Breakfast & Subglo)

Mixing, Mastering, Production, 2015Ryan SchwabeComment
Jump to 2015 and we now have the next chapter in the story: Theodore’s “Reckless” produced by Rare MP3’s Noah Breakfast and Subglo. The synth-driven beat with a xylophone-type melody starts out chill, but the heavy snare percussion give it some hyper-flare.
— CultClassicGoods.com