Ryan Schwabe


Onedependent & Taki76 - Radio Recession

Mixing, Production, 2008, PreviousRyan SchwabeComment
They call it, “Old school soulful space funk making love to electronic analog punk jazz;” I would call it a fascinating album full of beats, samples, and original music that would make both Beck and DJ Shadow drool. This is a wonderfully wild and weird album, exploring genres around every corner. From the 70’s slap bass-driven funk of “Moonbooze Knows What Time It Is,” to the fast & jazzy “Walk Among Us (Autonomia)” which features upright bass, piano, horns, cut up drum beats, and is that a ukelele we hear? While most tracks are instrumental, they feature a huge variety of samples from God knows where, amply scratched and manipulated by the DJ, and a few songs feature lead vocals, like the poetic rap of Count Bass D on laid back guitar-driven “ONE (Dependent on None). This is a fun party album, but also rewards the listeners who listen closely.
— CDbaby.com