Ryan Schwabe

Ukiyo - Something Like This (feat. FEELDS)

Mastering, 2018, StemRyan SchwabeComment

Artist: Ukiyo
Album: Fantasy EP
Mixed By: Ukiyo
Stem Mastered By: Ryan Schwabe
Released: January, 19th 2018
Record Label: 

FEELDS’ silky vocals glide over Ukiyo’s finely tuned synthscape. Fans of Flume, especially his early work, will enjoy this track’s playful electronic melody, and the inclusion of a panflute may attract even more folks to Ukiyo’s diverse chillwave fabric. ‘Something Like This’ comes on the heels of an exciting year for Ukiyo, which saw the release of several well-received songs, including the standout ‘Calling’, featuring Your Girl Pho. This is the first single from his upcoming Fantasy EP, due out later this year.
— thefourohfive.com