Ryan Schwabe

Needle Points - Feel Young

2016, MasteringRyan SchwabeComment

  • Recorded By Needle Points
  • Mastered By Ryan Schwabe 
  • Produced By Scott McMicken of Dr. Dog and Needle Points
  • Artist: Ryan Needle Points
  • Album Title: Feel Young 
  • Released: September 23rd, 2016
  • Record Label: Needlove Records
“Fur” spins the psychedelic dial in the opposite direction from the previously shared “Needlove,” striking a darker aesthetic with some mod-style guitar tones and a rumbling bass. It’s mysterious and a little haunting, with vocalist Colin Holloway singing “turn your sunset back we’ll wind the time again / with your palms face up you do your dance again” and later on “I feel the fur as I press it to your cold white skin / around the flame, it feels so hot it burns inside my teeth.” Paired with the boogie-ing “Needlove,” and doubtless the record as a whole, “Fur” rounds out the band’s kaleidoscopic personality.
— TheKey.xpn.com