Ryan Schwabe

RJD2 - More Is Than Isn't

2013, MasteringRyan SchwabeComment
With this album uniting everything that made RJ RJ over the years, it establishes a definitive place for him after all this time: that of the hip-hop-inflected neo-soul fusionist producer who is just as comfortable working in moods as genres. With his instrumentals, it’s as though he’s working more in potential-soundtrack mode than anything; it’s easier to describe his beats nowadays for what montages or scenes they could evoke rather than where their component parts could place them demographically. You can definitely dance to a lot of it: the Isley-flecked groove of “Behold, Numbers!” extends this summer’s disco-funk revivalism into early fall, “Winter Isn’t Coming” goes all neon-space-pyramid with high-BPM footwork-jostling bongo breaks, and the Rick Rubin-oid, Mellotron/piano/space-laser breakdown showcase “Her Majesty’s Socialist Request” has already proven through its video to be a killer b-boy/b-girl anthem.
— Pitchfork.com 7.7