Ryan Schwabe

Digidesign / Avid 192 Fan Upgrade

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The old blue digi/avid 192’s are reliable, cheap utility converters compatible with the older pro tools HD and HD native systems. One could argue they are not the best sounding ADDA, but I find them perfectly acceptable as a utility converter. I primarily use it for monitoring and 8 channels of digital AES IO. The problem with the 192s is that they are LOUD. If the 192s are in the control room with you they are noisy & disruptive.

I spent some time trying different fans after reading the fan upgrade article on Pro Tools Expert. The fan PTE recommended (Noctua NF-R8) did not respond to my digi 192s fan speed controller, but I found a dead silent fan (SilenX EFX-08-15 Effizio) that runs at full speed the whole time the 192 is on.

Its a really easy install and only requires a screw driver and the ability to solder or splice & assemble cabling into plastic terminal clips. I used the SilenX EFX-08-15 Effizio. It is dead silent, cheap and easy to install.

1) Take the top off (duh)

2) Remove the three external screws holding the PS in place. I had to drill one out because the screw was bent.

3) Remove three internal screws to remove the power supply.

4) Set the screws aside and carefully put the PS to the side.

5) Remove the screws holding the fan. Remove the fan cabling.

Screen Shot 2018-12-07 at 12.32.47 AM.png

6) Next, you will need to either splice and solder the old fan’s 4 pin connector (only 2 are used) to the new fan’s cabling. Or assemble the old clip to the new fan’s cabling. The black and red cabling should be assembled like this.

7) Reassemble everything and test the fan by turning on the unit.


Dead silent 192.